Top 10 GPTs In The GPT Store You Should Try

Are you searching for the best GPTs in the GPT Store? This post is for you: OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which introduced GPTs in November 2023. These custom versions of ChatGPT serve specific purposes like extracting action points from documents or providing tech support. 

ChatGPT Plus’s subscribers have created various GPTs available in the store, offering practical solutions and saving users time. While the ChatGPT store features quirky GPTs, some stand out for their usefulness. 

In this article, we’ll explore the capabilities of the top 10 GPTs. These GPTs help you with lots of tasks, making them valuable tools for individuals seeking efficient AI assistance.


Top 10 GPTs 

Here are the top 10 GPTs that can be worth your time and help you increase your productivity in various ways. Find them all listed on the GPT store and try them out right away.


Doc Maker

Doc Maker is a useful GPT for effortlessly creating professional documents. It supports formats like DOCX, XLSX, CSV, PDF, TXT, XML, HTML, and JSON. Doc Maker helps you to simplify the process for reports, presentations, and data analysis. 

To getFindaker in the ChatGPT plugin store, click “try it” on this page to activate it. Once activated, you must pick the file format you need, such as DOCX or PDF. 

Enter your text directly into the chat or upload a text file. The plugin processes your input and generates the document in your chosen format. You can also download the finished document when it’s ready.

For example prompts, you can say things like, “Create a PDF document with the text: ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.'” Doc Maker is a valuable tool for managing documents, streamlining tasks, and boosting productivity.


Super Describe

Introducing Super Describe, an innovative feature in ChatGPT that taps into the power of DALL·E 3 to help users generate images resembling any uploaded picture. Perfect for creatives, designers, and those seeking inspiration, this tool makes visual exploration easy.

To use the tool, click try it” button on ChatGPT’s page to access Super Describe. Choose any image, such as a photo, drawing, or visual representation, you want to explore.

Super Describe processes the image using DALL·E 3, generating similar images with detailed prompts describing the elements and themes.

You can use the generated content for creative projects, design inspiration, or delve into the vast possibilities of AI-driven image creation. Unleash your imagination effortlessly using Super Describe.


Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect serves as a valuable tool to improve your communication with this AI. Think of it as a translator that ensures your questions or commands are clear, which results in more accurate responses. 

When engaging with the AI, start a conversation as you normally would. If you are misunderstood, type ‘perfect’ to activate Prompt Perfect. This prompts the plugin to rephrase your input so the AI can better understand. 

After activation, the AI generates a new response based on the clarified prompt. This process ensures you receive answers that align more closely with your original intent. 

In essence, Prompt Perfect acts like a language bridge, which helps you to enhance the effectiveness of your interactions with the AI.

Logo Creator

Logo Creator is for beginners, small businesses, and individuals seeking a sleek, uncomplicated logo without mastering complex design tools. This AI-powered tool streamlines the creative journey, enabling easy access to professional logo design.

To get started, click this page’s “try it” button to open the GPT within ChatGPT. Provide details about your brand, style preferences, and specific logo requirements. 

Using AI, Logo Creator interprets your brief and generates a variety of logo options with a focus on modern and minimalist aesthetics. Choose your favorite logo and adjust as needed to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision. 

Logo Creator has made logo design simpler and better, merging AI simplicity with user creativity to craft distinctive and professional logos for the modern business landscape.


Creative Writing Coach

The Creative Writing Coach is your go-to tool for improving your writing skills! It offers helpful feedback on your creative pieces, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced writer. 

Press ‘try it’ to access the Creative Writing Coach in ChatGPT. Share a snippet of your writing, whether a short story, novel, or poetry, and get insightful feedback to refine your style and enhance your work. 

It’s easy to use; you have to submit your writing and let the Coach know which areas you’d like feedback on, like plot, characters, or language. 

Perfect for writers at any level, this tool is designed to guide you in crafting compelling and polished stories. Elevate your writing with the Creative Writing Coach today.


Convert Anything

ConvertAnything is a versatile GPT that simplifies file conversion for images, audio, videos, and documents. It’s perfect for quickly converting files and supporting single and batch uploads. 

Media, education, and business professionals find it helpful for handling various formats. ConvertAnything easily deals with ZIP files and provides a convenient download link for the converted files. 

Click the “try it” button to open Convert Anything inside ChatGPT. Easily upload individual files or batches, including ZIPs. Choose the desired format for conversion from the available options. 

Once the conversion is done, receive a download link to access your converted files. This user-friendly tool streamlines the conversion process, making it a go-to for anyone needing efficient file transformations.


Show Me Diagrams

Show Me Diagram is a helpful tool that simplifies complex concepts by creating easy-to-understand visuals. Imagine having a personal illustrator at your fingertips.

To use it, ask for a diagram like “Show me how a car engine works.” The plugin instantly generates a diagram in the chat. Click a link for a detailed view; some diagrams may allow online editing. 

Technical details like diagram type and creation language are provided. If you want different diagrams or improvements, ask the GPT, and you will get the instant output.

The aim is to enhance your understanding of intricate information. Feel free to request a diagram whenever you need one, and it’s your visual aid in the world of complexity. 



ScholarAl is an advanced academic research assistant seamlessly integrated with Google Scholar and reputable academic databases. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic professional, ScholarAl streamlines the research process. 

To begin, click ‘try it’ to open ScholarAl in ChatGPT. State your research query clearly, and let ScholarAl leverage its access to Google Scholar to find relevant scholarly articles, papers, and publications. 

The results provided will encompass a comprehensive list for your review. Instruct ScholarAl to refine the search or explore related topics if you require more specific information or additional sources. 

Leverage the obtained academic resources for efficient and effective research in your studies or professional endeavors.


InVideo Al

InVideo is a top choice for creating attractive video content, especially with their new InVideo AI. This cutting-edge tool uses the power of AI to transform your ideas into impressive videos based on a simple text prompt. 

With InVideo AI, you can create engaging content for your marketing strategy by just typing a paragraph. You can review and regenerate your video as many times as you want before sharing it directly on InVideo across your platforms. 

The endless possibilities range from Facebook advertisements, Reels, and TikTok videos to AI-generated music videos. It provides a creative method to realize your vision, much like ChatGPT on steroids. 

You may quickly get started with the easy sign-up process. You’ll then need to select a plan. You can then begin making videos. After creating your Invideo AI video, you may share it from your account with your team or through online channels, download it, or copy the URL address.


Screenshot to Code GPT

Introducing Screenshot To Code GPT, a state-of-the-art feature within ChatGPT that transforms website screenshots into clean HTML, Tailwind, and JavaScript code. 

It’s a game-changer for web developers and designers seeking a swift transition from visual concepts to functional code.

Access the GPT by clicking the “try it” button on the top right of this page to open it within ChatGPT.

Share a screenshot of the website or web page design you want to convert into code. Clearly outline any extra preferences for the code, like responsiveness or specific frameworks.

The GPT processes the screenshot and delivers the corresponding HTML, Tailwind, and JavaScript code. Use the option to customize or tweak the code to match your project’s needs. Simplify your coding journey with Screenshot To Code GPT.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does GPT stand for?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which represents an advanced artificial intelligence technology.

How do I find the best GPTs?

You can use GPT Finder, a search tool designed to efficiently discover optimal custom GPTs from a vast selection of over 133,000 options.

How much does ChatGPT cost?

The ChatGPT Plus subscription, priced at $20/month, covers usage exclusively on

Can I create my own ChatGPT?

Referred to as GPTs, you have the ability to create your own GPT tailored to your company or personal objectives in a matter of minutes.

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